Wallenium sells, produces, installes movable partition wall systems in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland and Sweden.
The production volume was in 2014 – 25000m2.

Our product range is:

  • Glass partition walls – VAL90, Modulare 92 or 50
  • Soundproof space partitions
  • Light partition walls for separating workplaces – Modulare 30, VAL60
  • Full glass walls – TK
  • Movable sound and fireproof walls covered by vinyl coating
  • Movable glasswalls for more transparency and openness
  • Folding wall Alatar

Wallenium glass wall products are made from MDF, plywood, aluminium or full glass and full range of colours, glasses and veneers can be selected as a finishing.

Movable partition wall modules of Wallenium are completed in the factory. Modules are delivered on the site and connected with strain bolts or screws. The benefit of such kind of solution is fast and clean installation and opportunity to relocate the walls later, as appropriate.

In cooperation with architects, builders and designers we have continuously modernised and enhanced the technical solutions